Industry leader in providing professional, customized air medical services, developing quality solutions for our caregiver partners.

These programs rapidly deliver a team of highly trained medical professionals to the patient, striving to provide the patient with the best possible outcome.

We mutually support other caregivers.  Med-Trans teams up with medical centers, emergency service providers and communities to design a safe and effective emergency air medical program.

We believe we need to care about each other and our partners and to be responsible for our actions.  Also, we need to be efficient with the discharge of our duties.


To establish a network of mutually supporting air medical services in areas where these services will greatly contribute to the enhancement of emergency medical care.

To provide high quality, expert transport and care to patients, while at the same time, providing maximum assistance to other caregivers in the emergency medical system.


  • Safety as the number one priority!  We believe in safe operations at every level of our endeavors.
  • World-class care for our patients - we believe in providing excellent medical care and the maximum possible comfort to patients and their families and loved ones.
  • We believe we need to care for others as well as our Med-Trans family more than anything.



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