Mercy Air Care - Sioux City, Iowa

Mercy Air Care is a regional helicopter ambulance service located in Sioux City, Iowa.

Critically ill and injured patients who need acute care and the fastest possible transportation can rest assured knowing that Mercy Air Care (MAC) is available as a regional asset. Since the service was founded in May of 1987, Mercy Air Care has logged more than 8,300 medical flights.

The Mercy Air Care team is comprised of four experienced pilots, two mechanics and 10 full-time medical personnel, including five flight nurses who are RNs with emergency/critical care experience and five paramedics who are certified in advanced cardiac life support and trauma care.  

Mercy Air Care flies a brand new EC 135 helicopter. This technologically advanced helicopter combines a wide, unobstructed cabin with a Fenestron® tail rotor and bearing less main rotor for excellent performance, range and payload capacity – along with low-noise operation and multi-mission capability.   Oversized sliding side doors and rear clamshell doors enable fast loading and unloading of patients and equipment.

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This program's name is a "DBA" for Med-Trans Corporation (Med-Trans), an FAA Part 135 certificate holder and operator. Accordingly, all transportation by air that is done by this program is, in fact, done by Med-Trans. All aircraft and flights are under the operational control of Med-Trans, and all operations by this program are conducted under Med-Trans' operations specifications (OpSpecs). Med-Trans has the responsibility for ensuring this program's aircraft(s) are airworthy and are in compliance with its FAA-approved inspection/maintenance program. Med-Trans has specified the conditions under which flight may be operated. All flight crewmembers at this program that are assigned to a flight by Med-Trans are qualified, and have been trained under Med-Trans' approved training program.

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