AeroCare III F/W - Lubbock, Texas

AeroCare provides 24-hour emergency care for area hospitals in more than 62 counties covering more than 250,000 square miles, across West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. CAMTS accredited since 1994, AeroCare offers fixed-wing and helicopter air ambulance service to Covenant Health System as well as other area hospitals. AeroCare's three helicopters and one airplane are certified as mobile intensive care units and are equipped with extensive life support equipment essential to providing care to patients in life-threatening and emergency conditions. AeroCare’s dedicated team of highly specialized flight nurses, paramedics and pilots are prepared to meet needs of the most critically ill patient. AeroCare received the 1999 Texas EMS Air Medical Service Award from the Texas Department of Health, and, in 2000, became the first program in the United States to be recognized for 20,000 consecutive hours of incident-free operation.

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This program's name is a "DBA" for Med-Trans Corporation (Med-Trans), an FAA Part 135 certificate holder and operator. Accordingly, all transportation by air that is done by this program is, in fact, done by Med-Trans. All aircraft and flights are under the operational control of Med-Trans, and all operations by this program are conducted under Med-Trans' operations specifications (OpSpecs). Med-Trans has the responsibility for ensuring this program's aircraft(s) are airworthy and are in compliance with its FAA-approved inspection/maintenance program. Med-Trans has specified the conditions under which flight may be operated. All flight crewmembers at this program that are assigned to a flight by Med-Trans are qualified, and have been trained under Med-Trans' approved training program.

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