Carilion Life-Guard 10 - Roanoke, Virginia

Carilion Clinic will add a third helicopter to its fleet of medical aircraft serving southwest and central Virginia and sections of West Virginia and North Carolina.  The helicopter, called Carilion Life-Guard 12, will be based in the Rockbridge County area. Its presence will further extend Carilion’s ability to serve the region, which includes Allegheny County, Bath County, Pocahontas County, Greenbrier County and Lewisburg.  Life-Guard 12 will significantly reduce response and transport time, providing fast, efficient critical care air services to those in need. 


Life-Guard 12 will join Life-Guard 10 which covers the Roanoke Valley region, and Life-Guard 11, which responds in the New River Valley region from its base at Carilion New River Valley Medical Center. 

While planning for the expansion, Carilion sought a partner who was best aligned with the organization’s needs and mission and selected Med-Trans Corp. based out of Dallas, Texas.


“We are pleased to be partnering with Carilion Clinic and able to contribute to their team’s continued commitment of caring for critical patients in need of air medical transport.  Carilion’s air medical bases will continue to be a regional asset and industry leader providing an invaluable service,” stated Fred Buttrell, President/CEO of Med-Trans Corp.


Pending approval by the appropriate local agencies and government officials, Carilion plans to construct a permanent base for Life-Guard 12 at Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital in Lexington.


“We are extremely excited to provide a home for Life-Guard 12,” said Vice President and CSJH Administrator Chuck Carr. “By basing operations in Lexington, Carilion Clinic Patient Transportation can provide critical, life-saving air transport to a wider area.”

“A base in Franklin County will improve response times in our service area south of Roanoke. This is particularly important to Heart Alert and Stroke Alert, and trauma patients whose outcomes can depend on timely treatment,” said Paul B. Davenport, Carilion Clinic Vice President for Emergency Services. 

From its new Franklin County base, Life-Guard 10 will significantly improve response and transport times for Henry County, Patrick County, Bedford County, Pittsylvania County, Martinsville and Danville.  

In addition to Life-Guard 12, CCPT plans to relocate Life-Guard 10 to a newly planned facility in the Westlake area of Franklin County.   Roanoke Life-Guard base will continue to serve all three helicopters.   


About Carilion Clinic

Carilion Clinic is a not-for-profit healthcare organization serving nearly one million people in Virginia through hospitals, outpatient specialty centers and advanced primary care practices. Led by multi-specialty physician teams with a shared philosophy that puts the patient first, Carilion is committed to improving outcomes for every patient while advancing the quality of care through medical education and research. For more information visit:

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