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Med-Trans Corporation (MTC) Safety Philosophy

At Med Trans Corp. (MTC) we believe that safety is much more than a buzzword or just a regulatory compliance issue. MTC is committed to safety as a core value and is a leader in the industry with proven, pro-active accident/ incident prevention principles. We apply these principles to all areas of our operations including personnel, equipment, management and program relationships. No priority will supersede our commitment to our crews, patients or customers to provide the safest, most reliable Helicopter Emergency Medical Service available.

Safety Management System (SMS)

The MTC Safety Management System applies a systematic approach that not only addresses regulatory compliance requirements, but also provides guidance and support to facilitate pursuit of safety excellence

As part of our pursuit of safety excellence and commitment to safety as a core value, MTC enters the FAA’s voluntary SMS pilot program in 2011. We look forward to working with the FAA to evaluate our existing SMS elements and implement additional control measures and technology to make our program state of the art and maintain our position of leadership in the industry. MTC is a world class organization and we take our position of safety leadership seriously. We believe that development of cooperative efforts between our industry partners, governmental agencies, fellow providers and our employees will provide the solutions that will take our program to the next level.

SMS Foundational Element Highlights

The foundational elements of the MTC SMS are based on the three “E”s of Safety; Education, Engineering and Enforcement.

  • Education and Training: With Human Error being a causal factor in over 70% of HEMS accidents, MTC believes that education and training are the most effective risk mitigation control measures to effect change and reduce workplace and aviation accidents and incidents. MTC is the only provider in the industry that conducts recurrent pilot training every 90 days, far exceeding regulatory requirements. We also leverage computer based training through our digital learning management system to meet EPA, OSHA and FAA requirements, and all crewmembers are trained in Crew Resource Management to ensure unity of effort in all of our aviation operations.

  • Engineering and Technology: Med Trans Corporation leads the industry with their commitment to provide the best equipment available as a secondary risk mitigation measure. MTC has applied modern technology to improve human factors in the cockpit to provide the pilot with real time situational awareness to avoid the hazards of on-demand helicopter operations. Technologies currently integrated or in progress include radar altimeters, GPS driven moving map display, XM weather and Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning Systems (HTAWS), Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), ISAT integrated Satellite Phone, and Sky Trac to allow Operational Control and improved aircraft location/ operational awareness for company leadership. Our most important technological control measure is the integration of Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) to reduce the risk of on-demand night operations and MTC was the first operator in the industry to achieve 100% NVIS capability.

  • Enforcement: Med Trans Corporation has adopted and is committed to enforcing the highest standards of conduct for our crews. Med Trans seeks and hires the most experienced crews with a proven track record. This commitment is demonstrated by the initial screening process, initial new- hire training, recurrent training, line pilot checks and over arching commitment to providing patients world class patient care and service. MTC Regional Aviation Managers provide direct oversight of the aviation training to validate each line pilot’s proficiency and standardization of training and evaluations.

Program Leadership Troy Boonstra is the MTC Safety Director. Mr. Boonstra served over 24 years in the US Army, retiring as a Master Aviator with nearly 6,000 accident free flight hours. He has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Professional Aeronautics with a concentration in Aviation Safety from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), and a Master of Aeronautical Science Degree with Aerospace Safety Systems specialization from ERAU. He earned the prestigious Certified Safety Professional credential granted by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals in 2008, and is the only safety director in the HEMS industry with this credential. 

If you have questions regarding the MTC SMS, please contact the MTC Safety Director via email:boonstratroy@med-trans.net

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